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PF_KEY extension as an
Interface between Mobile IPv6 and IPsec/IKE
Shinta Sugimoto, WIDE Project
The NDMP v4 File Service Extension Hugo Patterson, Data Domain
G11N issues in SSHv2 Nicolas Williams, Sun Microsystems
NFSv4 ID Mapping in Solaris Rick Mesta, Sun Microsystems
NFSv4 Delegation in Solaris 10 Bill Baker, Sun Microsystems
NFSv4: where are we going? Spencer Shepler, Sun Microsystems
Automounter Future BoF Mike Waychison
Directory Delegations and Notifications Saadia Khan, Network Appliance
NFSv4 Sessions Linux Implementation Experience Jon Bauman & Mike Stolarchuk, CITI, U of Michigan
NFS/RDMA Implementation Update Tom Talpey, Network Appliance
CIFS Posix Extensions Steve French, IBM
Solaris NFSv4 ACL Implementation Experience Lisa Week & Sam Falkner, Sun Microsystems
NFSv4 Replication Jiaying Zhang, CITI, U of Michigan
CITI NFSv4 Linux Update Andy Adamson, CITI, U of Michigan
A Taxonomy of NFS v4 Performance Darrell Suggs & Tom Haynes, Network Appliance
Referrals in NFSv4 Dave Noveck, Network Appliance
pNFS Garth Goodson, Network Appliance
pNFS Update and Security Discussion Brent Welch, Panasas

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