ConnectAThon Talks 2004

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NFS Clients and Commercial Workloads Darrell Suggs & Stephen Daniel, Network Appliance
mountd, exports, and the pseudo-fs in NFSv4 Tom Haynes, Network Appliance
NFS/RDMA Implementation on Linux Tom Talpey, Network Appliance
MIPv6 Testing at V6PC Yukiyo Akisada, TAHI
Implementing Mobile IPv6 in the User Space Antti Tuominen, Helsinki University
Route Optimization & IPSec
Interactions for Userspace MIPv6
Henrik Petander, Helsinki University
Report on progress of Linux &
FreeBSD NFSv4 work done at CITI
Andy Adamson, CITI
NFSv4 Near-Futures: Namespace, Replication
and Migration
Rob Thurlow, Sun
NDMP Support for D2D Backup Hugo Patterson, Data Domain, Inc.
Samba 3 and CIFS for Linux Steve French, IBM

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