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The Mirror File System, a Multiple-server File System John Wong, CTO,
Twin Peaks Software Inc.
Progress on NFSv4.1:
Definition and a review of changes from NFSv4.
Dave Noveck,
Network Appliance
Update on pNFS specs and status of Linux client. Rahul Iyer,
Network Appliance
The Management of Shares Tom Haynes and Doug McCallum
Sun Microsystems
NFS: A customer's perspective Ben Rockwood,
NFS in MacOSX Leopard Brent Callaghan,
Apple Computer
Referral Namespace Administration for NFSv4.0 Andy Adamson,
CITI, University of Michigan
Referral Namespace Administration BOF IBM & CITI
Autofs in MacOSX Leopard Guy Harris,
Apple Computer
State of the protocol extensions or
alternatively on the SMB2 implementation progress
Jeremy Allison, Samba Team
& Steven French, IBM
NFSv4 ACLs: Interoperability and Future Directions Bruce Fields,
CITI, University of Michigan
Current state of SSH Todd English,
Attachmate WRQ

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