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NFS V4.1 Client Layout Segments Karen Rochford, Oracle
pNFS Capabilities in the Real World
or pNFS Under Fire
Tigran Mkrtchyan, Desy
Linux NFS/IPv6 Status Report Chuck Lever, Oracle
Using DTrace for Leverage Tom Haynes, Oracle
pNFS support for ONTAP
Unstriped file systems (WIP)
Pranoop Eransani, NetApp
Keynote Brian Wong, Oracle
An Open Source NFSv4.1 Client
for Windows
J. Bruce Fields, Olga Kornievskaia,
and Fred Isaman, CITI
Recent advances in pynfs Alexandros Batsakis
and Andy Adamson, NetApp
Linux smb2 kernel client Steve French, IBM
It's not dead yet.
Christopher R. Hertel,
ubiqx Consulting, Inc.
Federated FS 2010 update Rob Thurlow, Oracle
NFSv4 Multi Domain Access Andy Adamson, NetApp
NFSv4.1 State of the Union Mike Eisler, NetApp
Solaris Referrals Rob Thurlow, Oracle
NFS Server-side Copy
Design and Standardization
James Lentini, NetApp
NFS Server-side copy Implementation Manjunath Shankararao
and Theresa Raj, NetApp

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