ConnectAThon Talks 1996

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LADDIS Update David Robinson (Sunsoft)/Spencer Shepler (IBM)
RPC XID Issues Eric Werme (DEC)
Solaris NFS Read/Write Performance Mike Kupfer (Sunsoft)
NFS Version 3: Hints & Tips Peter Staubach (Sunsoft)
Bulk Data Service Larry McVoy (SGI)
IPv6 Update Bob Gilligan (Sunsoft)
The Packet Shell Steve Parker (Sunsoft)
NIS+ Update Alex Lei, Wesley Chun (Sunsoft)
Public NFS Brent Callaghan (Sunsoft)
PC file share reservations on Unix David Robinson (Sunsoft)
NSKit Joe Dere (Sunsoft)
NFS Client Authentication Brent Callaghan (Sunsoft)
NFS & GSSAPI Security Lin Ling, Mike Eisler (Sunsoft)
NFS Client-side Failover Rob Thurlow (Sunsoft)
NFS and Large Files Rob Thurlow (Sunsoft)
NFS Lock Manager Mike Kupfer (Sunsoft)
MT Automounter Ashok Advani (Sunsoft)
Automounter: Support for Browsing Ricardo Labiaga (Sunsoft)
Solaris NFS/TCP Mike Eisler (Sunsoft)
Digital Unix NFS/TCP and Performance Eric Werme (DEC)
GLX, the protocol for networked OpenGL Mark J. Kilgard (SGI)
The Lamed Name Service Larry McVoy (SGI)

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