ConnectAThon Talks 2001

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TTCN-3 Test Environment in IPv6 Test Peter Kremer (Ericsson)
Mobile IPv6 TAHI Conformance Test Yukiyo Akisada (TAHI)
Lessons from implementing
Mobile IPv4/Mobile Node
Yoshiyuki Tsuda (Toshiba)
Mobile IP limited private
Address Support Implementation
Samita Chakrabarti (Sun)
IPSec and Firewalls Ivan Wallis (SSH Communications Security)
NDMP Overview Jim Ward (Workstation Solutions)
NFSv4 Specification Status Spencer Shepler (Sun)
NFS v4 Open Source Reference Implementation
Progress Report
Andy Adamson (CITI)
NFSv4 Shell Helen Chao, Eric Kustarz (Sun)
10 Gigabit Ethernet Technology
& Standards Update
Al Tsang (Sun)
Wireless Without a Net -
Why I lose sleep over 802.11b
Christopher Hertel (University of Minnesota)
NFS over RDMA Brent Callaghan (Sun)
NFSv4 and fs_locations Salit Gazit (Sun)
NFS Client Effects Brian Pawlowski (Network Appliance)
Kerberos Admin Protocol Interoperability Wyllys Ingersoll (Sun)
jCIFS: a Working CIFS Client in Java Christopher Hertel (University of Minnesota)
DIAMETER in Cellular All-IP Networks Pat Calhoun (Sun)
Mobile IPv6 interaction issues with IPsec Carl Williams, Mohan Parthasarathy, Alper Yegin (Sun)
The Mobile IPv6 implementation on
the InternetCAR project
Ryuji Wakikawa (Keio University)

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