ConnectAThon Talks 2003

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SSHv2 and GSS-API Nicolas Williams (Sun)
MIPL: Mobile IPv6 for Linux Henrik Petander (Helsinki University)
Mobile IPv6 Internet Testing Samita Chakrabarti (Sun)
NFS/RDMA Protocol Brent Callaghan (Sun)
NFS Management with CIM/WBEM Lisa Gab (Sun)
NFSv4 Update Spencer Shepler (Sun)
NFSv4 Performance Across a WAN Chuck Lever, Tom Haynes (Network Appliance)
NFSv4 Replay Logic Eric Kustarz (Sun)
NFS Version 4 Requirements at
Sandia National Laboratories
Dan Wachdorf (Sandia Labs)
Ideas for an NFS Namespace Rob Thurlow (Sun)
NFSv4 Open Source Update Andy Adamson (University of Michigan, CITI)
CIFS Highlights and New Directions -
CIFS and SMBFS for Linux 2.5,
Winbind Single Sign On and Samba 3.0
Steven French (IBM)
Mobility Related Research at
the InternetCAR Project

Ryuji Wakikawa, Masafumi Watari (Keio University/WIDE Project)
Introduction to DHCPv6 Bernie Volz (Ericsson)
DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation,
Information-Request and TAHI Testing

Ralph Droms (Cisco)

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