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NFSv4 Status Spencer Shepler (Sun Microsystems)
Linux NFSv4 Progress Report Andy Adamson (CITI)
Fs_locations and All That Jazz:
Migration and Replication in NFS-v4
Dave Noveck (Network Appliance)
A Python test suite for NFSv4 servers Peter Astrand (Cendio Systems)
NFSv4 Named Attributes Jeff Smith (Sun Microsystems)
Implementing an NFSv4 Server Namespace Brent Callaghan (Sun Microsystems)
NFS over TCP: excessive wakeups
with BSD-based stacks
Ric Werme (Compaq)
Status of the Linux NFS Client Trond Myklebust (University of Oslo)
An Introduction to SCTP Randall R. Stewart (Cisco Systems)
A Next Generation CIFS Client
SNIA CIFS Documentation Work Group
Steve French (IBM)
NFSv4 Client Recovery:
Good Idea or Disaster Waiting to Happen?
Mike Kupfer (Sun Microsystems)
Providing a Growth Path to IPv6:
Solving the Incompatibility Issues
Between NAT and IPSec
Ivan Wallis (SSH Communications Security)
Securing the Mobile Environment with IP-VPNs David Precopio (SSH Communications Security)
Mobile IPv4 Traversal
Across NAT and VPN Gateways
Farid Adrangi (Intel Corporation)
Micro-mobility for Mobile IPv6 Carl Williams (Docomo Labs, USA)
Securing Network Access Alper E. Yegin (Docomo Labs, USA)
Discussion on MIPv4/MIPv6 Interoperabilty
based on Connectathon Testing
Samita Chakrabarti (Sun Microsystems)

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