ConnectAThon Talks 2013

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IETF and NFS - State of the Union Tom Haynes, Netapp
FedFS Standards and Implementation Chuck Lever, Oracle
Application control of NFSv4 client data caching Trond Myklebust, Netapp
Dynamic Management of NFSv4.1 Session Slots Trond Myklebust and Andy Adamson, Netapp
NFS-Ganesha with GPFS FSAL Marc Eshel, IBM
Solving the Linux client LAYOUT_COMMIT deadlock Boaz Harrosh, Panasas
NFSometer and NFStest: Next generation test tools Jorge Mora and Dros Adamson, Netapp, Steve Dickson, Red Hat
RFC 3530: Persistent state and lessons in protocol engineering Piyush Shivam and Bill Baker, Oracle
Kerberos UX with NFS on Linux Andy Adamson, Netapp
Peer-to-peer NFS Bryan Schumaker, Netapp
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