ConnectAThon Talks 2006

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NFSv4 ACLs: Where are we going? Sam Falkner / Lisa Week - Sun Microsystems
Checksums for NFSv4 Alok Aggarwal - Sun Microsystems
NFS RDMA Tom Talpey - Network Appliance
pNFS Garth Goodson - Network Appliance
Dynamic Tracing of NFSv4 with Dtrace Sam Falkner - Sun Microsystems
NSM Analysis Tom Talpey - Network Appliance
NFS over TCP, Again Michael Eisler - Network Appliance
NDMP Security Extension Radhika Vullikanti - Oracle Corporation
Using the NDMP File Service
for Backup Application Driven
Replication for Disaster Recovery
Hugo Patterson - Data Domain
Storage Grid Backup and NDMP Rudy Nedved - Network Appliance
NFSv4 and Open Source QA Bryce Harrington - Open Source Development Labs
NFSv4.1 Update Lisa Week - Sun Microsystems
Scaling NFS Services Tom Haynes - Sun Microsystems
NFSv4 Recent Request Cache Rick Macklem - University of Guelph / BSD
CIFS Update Jeremy Allison - Samba Team
Public Key Based Security for NFS Andy Adamson - CITI, University of Michigan
SPKM -3BOF Session Andy Adamson - CITI, University of Michigan

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