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Testing Focus

We are going to try test as much of the protocol as possible. Here are some of the suggested technologies


We will be using a tailscale VPN to connect peer-to-peer connections on the BAT network.
To gain access to the network please register at Spring 2024 Registration.

Here are the steps to access the network:

Once the tailscale interface is up, DNS will be able to find other machines

Server Registration

To register your server please use Server List

Client Testing Results

To recorded your client's testing results please use Client Test Results

Talks at 2pm

If anybody is interested in give a talk please sign up at Talks at 2

Previous Talks

Previous Bakeathon (and Connectathon) talks can be found at nfsv4bat.org/Documents


A Discord server, called "Bake a Thon", have been created to enable attendees to interact via chat, audio, and video while testing. Informal demonstrations and presentations are organized during the afternoons.
Use the following link to join the server: Discord BAT Server

Any questions or problems with joining the please send email to BAT Contact


Any other question please send email to BAT Contact

Questions or comments regarding this page? Tell BAT Contact