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Testing Focus

These are not meant to be inclusive, but reflect interests shown in the WG:


We do not need an CDA if you plan to just attend a talk. If you plan to be on the testing floor, we need a CDA in place - just one per company. Please fill out the CDA (pdf), sign it, scan it, and send me a copy. You can also just bring it with you.


No talks are scheduled, but a small room has been reserved for breakout sessions.


What I need is the number of attendees from your company, their names (and email) for badging purposes, and the type of equipment you will be bringing.

I'm primarily interested in if the equipment has special power requirements and if it is loud.

If you are interested in reserving some UID, GID, and names in NIS/LDAP, please let me know.

By the way, please look at the Event Hosting Requirements and let me know if you plan to use a network service not listed.



I can provide hints/recommendations, but there is no event hotel, i.e., no special rates.


Please feel free to contact me directly with questions.

Tom Haynes

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